My Story

Through my diverse experiences, I have honed my skills as an ESL professional, empowering individuals through education and fostering positive change.

I am driven by a strong commitment to making a difference in the lives of learners and am constantly seeking new opportunities to enhance my knowledge and pedagogical skills.

With a proven track record of success and a deep passion for education, I am poised to continue making a meaningful impact in the field of English language teaching. 

2018, Tanzania
A land of breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

I had the privilege to conduct ESL and Women Empowerment workshops with NGOs, empowering individuals through language skills and promoting gender equality.

2019, Malaysia
A vibrant melting pot of diverse cultures and warm hospitality.

Volunteered at the 'Positive Living Community' shelter home, providing support and educational opportunities to underprivileged individuals, leaving a lasting impact on their lives

2019, Remote
Peace.University, USA

A pioneer in distant education, provided me with the opportunity to pursue my Bachelor of Peace Administration, empowering me to gain a comprehensive understanding of peacebuilding and equipping me with the skills to create positive change in a global context.

2019, Cambodia
A captivating country brimming with rich history and resilience.

I had the privilege of engaging with students in home schools, fostering a nurturing environment and witnessing firsthand the transformative power of education on their language development and overall growth.

2019 - 2020, Shoudu Bilingual International School, Cambodia
A bilingual international educational institution.

Allowed me to serve as a primary teacher, where I created a supportive and engaging learning environment, nurturing young minds and facilitating their language development while promoting intercultural understanding and global perspectives. 

2021 - Present, ACE - IDP Education Ltd. Cambodia
A reputable private B2C ESL institute.

Provided me with a platform to inspire and empower students in their English language journey, where I utilized innovative teaching methods and personalized instruction to foster their language proficiency and overall confidence.

October 2021,  Google
The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate.

Equipped me with valuable skills in data analysis, enabling me to leverage data-driven insights and make informed decisions in the field of education, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of my teaching strategies and improving student outcomes.

July 2022, IELTS
The International English Language Testing System.

Achieving an outstanding IELTS Certificate with a 9 in speaking and a 7.5 overall band score showcased my exceptional language proficiency and ability to effectively communicate in English, reinforcing my credibility as an ESL professional and enabling me to provide high-quality language instruction to students.

March 2023,  CELTA
The Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, awarded by Cambridge English

Solidified my expertise in English language teaching, equipping me with advanced pedagogical skills and practical techniques to create dynamic and engaging lessons, ensuring optimal learning outcomes for my students.

May 2023 - Present, Eureka Cambodia
A renowned private B2B language institute, providing courses in multiple languages.

Provided me with the opportunity to design assessments and lessons focused on business communication, allowing me to tailor materials and instruction to meet the specific needs of professionals, and enabling them to excel in their English language proficiency within a professional context.